Bangkok Thai, Lytham July 2017.

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So with some good news for Mrs Food Saint this week in the shape of a new job, Friday night had to be a return to an old favourite, Bangkok Thai on Park Street in Lytham.

Again a few pre dinner drinks in the Taps, (which was absolutely full to the rafters – this was a Friday night and us northerners like to get out on the weekend!) we headed to our 7.30 pm table just around the corner.

The restaurant was not very busy for a Friday, and sometimes in Lytham I wonder about the effect of not being on the restaurant “square” even though the town centre is very small. I think there are enough eatery success stories to prove that wrong given those on the main drag, like the new Farina, the highly recommended Novello and Chus, Vida etc. All proving there is life beyond the restaurant golden square.

Reviews of all the above will follow, but for this evening we are in Bangkok aka Lytham style. I love the staff in this restaurant. They are so welcoming and friendly and that was again the case this evening.

I always start with a bottle of Singha, whilst my wife ordered the house white, a dry wine that is more than capable of cutting through the Thai spices.



Without really looking at the menu, the Set Meal was ordered as we have eaten it before and it is very good.

First up was the obligatory spicy Thai prawn crackers with chilli dipping sauce. These are a bit more fishy than their Chinese cousins, but not so fishy that my wife cant eat them and she eats no fish at all.


With these truly despatched, the starters soon followed in the shape of the mixed starter platter.


Working clockwise from the top we have sesame prawn toasts, vegetable spring rolls, Chicken Satay, ribs, Thai fish cakes and crispy chicken wings. These are served with more chilli sauce, some peanut sauce and what tasted like a kind of weak kim chee, but maybe just pickled vegetables. I love the artistry the chef has here with their knife skills. What this person can’t do with a swede and a carrot is nobody’s business.

All of these elements are good quality, with particular stand outs for me in the satay chicken skewers, the ribs and the crispy wings. All delicious with the dips. The only problem with this starter is – where are we going to put the main course?!

Being a set meal there is plenty of it. First off, and worth remembering is that you get two accompaniments each – so mix it up. We got one coconut rice and one fried rice. We also asked if we could pay the difference and swap the stir fried mixed vegetables for vegetable pad thai.


All of the carbs were excellent, but perhaps not on top of that starter! One rice with noodles would have been plenty. My particular favourite is the coconut rice. Rich and a hint of natural sweetness, I think it complements the Thai main dishes perfectly. The pad thai is a meal in itself. Full of flavour, spice and vegetables, this noodle based dish was a winner.

Alongside these we have the main courses included in the set menu, the staple of any good thai meal for me, the green curry. Also on this menu sweet and sour chicken thai style.


Full of flavour and not heavy like some Chinese dishes can be these were both excellent. In terms of authenticity, I think our local Thai restaurants struggle a bit getting some ingredients. Pea aubergines are amazing in Thai curries, but hard to source in the north.

This aside, the vegetables, the meat, the sauces were all perfectly spiced and balanced. I would order these two main courses again and again. The bill came to just under £70 with service, including the wine and beer. A lovely meal, and enough doggy bag for lunch the next day.


Food 15/20

Great local thai food in the heart of Lytham. Always been consistent on our numerous visits.

Drinks 13/20

A decent bottle of house white and a couple of Thai Singha beers helped wash down the spicy food.

Service 15/20

Lovely staff, always smiling, great attentive service and lots of nice chat and banter. Perfect.

Ambience 14/20

A bit quiet on the visit, but that not always a bad thing. The restaurant feels like someone’s home. Small and cosy, with a more airy extension at the back, we sat in the main area near the bar.

Overall 15/20

Lytham’s only authentic Thai restaurant delivers again. All food served deliciously hot, tasty and as expected. Lovely meal.

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