Bosco, Lytham July 2017

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There is a saying in our house that we don’t really need an excuse to pop out for dinner. But as my wife had just been offered a new job, we found ourselves wandering into Lytham in search of a few drinks and a bite to eat.

After a few drinks in the ever reliable The Taps on Henry Street in Lytham (where the 241 offer on Prosecco and Peroni from 4-7 every day is definitely worth a call) we headed off for some food with no reservation, but this is Tuesday and its always dead in Lytham, right?

Wrong, we had fancied some of the excellent Tapas at Vida however they were full, so you will have to wait for next time for that review.

Second option was Bosco on the square in Lytham. One of our favourite Lytham eateries. Resisting the urge for a quick kick about on the astro turf garden, we headed inside to what is a bright and airy (yet somehow cosy) dining room, with an open plan kitchen. Luckily they had a spare table (10 minutes later and we would have been going to the chippy as all tables were full pretty fast), and after a warm welcome we were seated.

Tuesday night is Jazz night in Bosco, with a 3 piece trio playing some chilled jazz to accompany whatever you choose from the Italian menu. We both opted for their excellent Pizza, my wife choosing the Diavolo whilst I opted for the meat feast.

Bosco give you two options on pizza base both of which are excellent and incredibly authentic. There is their standard round base and their “rustica” base which is stretched further and gives an ever crispier base.

The wine list, whilst not extensive has more than enough of a selection of good Italian reds and whites to accompany your meal alongside some obvious new world wines. In a white zone we went for the Maota Bay New Zealand Sauvignon, and it was excellent. Dry with enough body to cut through the full on flavour Bosco manage to pack into their pizzas.IMG_1070

The pizzas soon followed given the authentic pizza ovens at Bosco. Here was my monster Meat Feast Rustica post the obligatory freshly grated parmesan, pepper and chilli oil…


Now this is a big pizza. And I ate the lot! The quality of the ingredients really shine through at Bosco, with excellent ham, pepperoni, meatballs, chicken and a smattering of bolognese sauce, the pizza was light yet bursting with all those flavours.

My wife proclaimed her Diavolo as tasty and spicy. In fact there were a few breath taken away moments when those green chillis scored a direct hit. This is the more traditional round base with the Diavolo toppings.


What’s not to like? A couple of excellent pizzas, some laid back jazz and a good bottle of wine. The service was friendly and efficient, the atmosphere was as convivial as it usually is in Bosco. The bill came to £49.50 for the two of us without service (we had chosen one of the more expensive bottles of wine).

Thank you Bosco. We will be back.


Food 16/20

Pretty much perfect pizzas. I always tell friends visiting that this is the best pizza outside of Italy (i’ve only eaten 2 pizzas in Italy, so I wouldn’t say i’m that qualified in the matter, but these were better than those 2!).

Drinks 15/20

A good bottle. New Zealand is pretty much reliable when it comes to Sauv Blanc.

Service 14/20

Good service as always with a friendly welcome from the manager and efficient service from they mostly young staff.

Ambience 15/20

I do love live music and whilst Jazz is not my go to listen, the trio were excellent and fitted the mood of the restaurant perfectly.

Overall 16/20

Like Italy, I haven’t eaten every pizza in Lytham, but i’ve had a few and this is still my go to restaurant to scratch the pizza itch.


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