Dilraj, St. Anne’s August 2017

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Who doesn’t love a good curry? Since moving back to Lancashire the only type of food I’ve struggled with in respect of finding consistent quality is Indian.

Let us therefore be thankful for the takeaway that is the DIlraj in St Anne’s. Owned by the same people that own the Imli in St Anne’s, the food is consistent, of very good quality and incredible value. Delivery times are also generally quite quick.

Not that I am in any way a creature of habit, but I do tend to home in on a particular dish from an Indian menu and stick with it. In the case of the Dilraj, it has to be the Chicken Shahi. I ask for this Madras Hot, and more recently have been experimenting with adding a few other ingredients, like Spinach.

It is an excellent dish of chicken with minced lamb. The tomato base sauce has a real depth of flavour and when served Madras hot, has a spice that builds in the mouth, rather than destroying the dish up front.

My wife prefers Tandoori to curry, and generally orders either the Shashlick or the Chicken Tikka. Other favourites include their Onion Bhajis, which are huge and great with their yoghurt & mint sauce, and the vegetable sides which are reasonably priced at £2.50.

As a definite sharer family on the eating out and take away front here are the dishes combined.


I’ve yet to find another Indian takeout as good as this locally, but always open to suggestions.

Highly recommended.

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