Ego, Lytham November 2017


I am not generally a fan of chain restaurants, but if you happen to have one locally that produces good food consistently, then I’m in. Especially when on a Monday night you can choose 2 course for £19.95 and it includes a bottle of wine. Each. I’m doubly in, even on a school night, as it appears is most of Lytham. If you are going on a Monday night, I suggest you book!

So off we ventured and were seated in a nice table in an atmosphere that can best be described as buzzy! The friendly staff makes this restaurant and they are mostly Europeans which adds to the theme of this being a Mediterranean eatery.

For starter I went for the prawns in chilli and garlic, whilst my wife opted for the goats cheese. My prawns were fantastic, juicy and full of flavour. Although I’m not sure I was popular at work the next day with all that garlic. My wife expressed the goats cheese to be equally good and really enjoyed the accompanying brioche, aged balsamic and onions and chutney.

For mains, this was another fish dish opportunity I could not pass up. Sea Bass fillets with Chorizo were exceptional. Two decent size fillets worked well with the cherry tomatoes caramelised red onions and not forgetting, the skin on fries. I have a personal and irrational hatred for rocket – which was happily accommodated by the chef.

My wife went for the Lemon Chicken Milanese which did exactly as it said on the tin. Sometimes the chicken in this dish can be dry, but not at Ego, delicious white moist meat in an equally lovely lemon crumb with a parmesan undertone. An excellent dish (I know because I finished it ;o) ).

We washed this down with a bottle of our inclusive white wine, which was very drinkable but given we were due to be up at daft o’clock for work, we opted to take the second bottle home to enjoy at a later date. £40 and take out wine for all that food.

As I said – book early.


2 comments on “Ego, Lytham November 2017”

  1. Sorry Food Saint, but our experience at Ego was exactly the opposite to yours.
    I would never go there again nor recommend Ego or a chain like it, however we found Gustos (another chain) to be up to the standards of a stand alone restaurant.


    1. I think chains can be very variable. I’ve had good and bad meals and like yourself found some chains where they are exceptional. We have eaten in Gusto a few times and enjoyed it, but last time the food was below what we had previously and haven’t been back. Different chef different outputs I guess?


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