Ember & Vine, St Anne’s, September 2017 

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Much excitement when a new restaurant opens locally and especially with the word “barbecue” associated. So off we headed to Ember & Vine in St Anne’s in their first week of operation. I don’t think it is fair to score a new restaurant when they have just opened, because staff are getting up to speed, so that will have to wait until we go back.

My expectations were raised when we walked in and were greeted by the most divine smell of real BBQ food, the likes of which I’ve only smelled before in American BBQ restaurants (if you are in NYC do the Brooklyn Brewery Tour and eat ribs for dinner next door at Mabel’s – thank me later).

In what is becoming the hallmark of my blogging I’d eaten most of the food before the camera came out. What you can see is evidence of the spicy wings and the full rack of ribs. So how was the food?

I enjoyed what I ate – but would like to go back to see if the amazing aroma in the restaurant has started to penetrate more deeply into the taste of the food. Don’t get me wrong these were very capable dishes from this style of cooking but I was expecting deeper BBQ and smoky flavours in the ribs, which could have done with a bit more sauce.

As I said – this was their first week, there were a few minor service niggles, but it didn’t spoil our enjoyment of a good addition to the local dining options, and recent reviews on TripAdvisor seem to support this.

Recommended – well worth a try.

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