The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope August 2017

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The first of the reviews on the road sees us in the beautiful Peak District National Park on a wet weekend away climbing hills! Having eaten at the Cheshire Cheese on a previous visit I couldn’t wait to get back for one of the chef’s pies. They are outstanding.

This time we elected to stay in the pub in their comfortable bedrooms. The pub is a very old coaching inn, and is decorated traditionally with lots of historical information and artefacts. The rooms are reasonably priced with ensuite facilities and come with breakfast. More on that later…

First night dinner, and it just had to be pie time. Pictured is what I am still calling the best beef in ale pie I think I’ve ever eaten. None of this beef stew with a lid on stuff here, these are made to order full pies which contain what feels like a pound of melt in the mouth beef encased in light shortcrust pastry with delicious ale based gravy. Add to that hand cut chunky chips, some mushy peas and a pot of gravy and we are well and truly amongst pub food royalty.


Also pictured are my fellow diners dishes of Fish & Chips, Homemade Lasagne and Scampi. All reported their meals as excellent. The pub has several excellent ales on hand pump which are local and well kept. The perfect accompaniment to excellent food. After a few more of these we retired completely stuffed and ready for the climb up Mam Tor in the morning.

Before heading out, despite waking up full (old age I guess) there was the small matter of breakfast. Knowing the climb ahead, it had to be the Full English for energy! The breakfast was excellent as pictured. As I write more of these and visit more places I am finding that taking pictures of food is quite hard to remember to do, when you are presented with a delicious looking plate! So readers best get used to half eaten dinner pictures and I can only apologise to chefs where my over eagerness has destroyed your presentation.


Suffice to say the walk was wet and hard work, but with another night and another dinner to come, it didn’t seem too bad. And of course, there was only one thing on the menu I wanted. Again.


16/20, well worth a trip out.

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