The Deacon, Lytham January 2018

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A modern British Tavern finally opened on the square in Lytham in the nick of time for the busy Christmas period. After months of speculation about the name and the menu on local Facebook groups, the team behind the old Henry’s on Henry Street kept everyone guessing about both until just before launch.

I at least knew the name several months earlier, because I, er, asked! As Capri in warmer climes is one of our favourite outside spaces in Lytham the name the Deacon had been revealed by one of the friendly staff after a bit of arm twisting.

The team have done an amazing job in a conversion that cannot have been easy. Old banks tend to have thick walls! Nonetheless the interior is stunning and I can’t wait to see what those windows in the extension do in the summer.

We had visited several times before and had enjoyed the atmosphere and the beer. If you are a gin fan, then this is the place. The back of the bar is a sea of gin, whilst beer and wine lovers like myself needn’t worry as they have several excellent beers, including their own (served in schooners – not seen that term since a holiday in Australia) and the traditional pint pots for the other draft options. I went with a pint of 13 Guns to start before helping Mrs FS finish off the bottle of house white, which was Spanish and dry.

So food wise this was our second visit, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to review the first visit as the Deacon was still coming up to speed and as this is an important new local, I wanted to see it in its best light.

That we did. Having booked only an hour or so earlier, my request for a booth was granted and I’m calling these the best seats in the house. A view over the Lytham square – lovely.

As a second visit we wanted to try different dishes, so for starters we opted for 2 dishes from the nibbles section. Cheese and Onion pie made with Lancashire cheese and Lytham pickle and the Hummous with pitta and crunchy veg.  Now I do love a pie! This was no exception. Rich cheese flavours but not too rich with a really delicious pickle. I could eat a plate of this, chuck on some fries and I would be well happy! Maybe a future special??

The hummous was good but the pitta the star. It tasted home made and light. We really enjoyed the nibbles and I can see myself with one of those pint pots and a few of those on numerous repeat visits.


I had read good things about the Shepherds pie, and as a great winter comfort food I went for it. As you can see from the picture it’s a decent old portion and the lamb was really tender, it was well seasoned with a good herb undercurrent in the sauce. Topped with great mash and a little pot of red cabbage. I really enjoyed it.


My wife went for the Cajun Chicken and declared this much better than the previous chicken dish she had tried. The chicken was moist and the fries crunchy.


For review purposes (ahem) I ordered a side of the mac and cheese with bacon. Again perfectly in proportion for a side and a cold winter night on the coast.


I will be interested to see where the menu goes with the seasons and if specials appear once the kitchen has a few months behind them.

Service tonight was excellent. Friendly attentive waitress, with the suited chaps checking in to make sure we were ok and sorting any issues out. What a difference a week makes, keep up the good work.

The Deacon is an excellent addition to the Lytham eating and drinking scene.

Give it a go!



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