Try Thai, Manchester January 2018

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It’s been a few years since we found this gem of a Thai restaurant, nestled above a Chinese restaurant in Manchester’s Chinatown. We were impressed on our previous couple of visits and this meal proved that the restaurant continues to be one of the best Thai restaurants in the city.

There were very few if any empty tables when we arrived ten minutes late thanks to an elaborate route by our Uber driver. We were seated immediately and our friendly Thai waitress Bonny said hi and handed us the menus. I can’t go for Thai without a Singha beer so that was duly ordered along with a French Sauvignon at £17.95 for a bottle.

For starters we went for the somewhat traditional Chicken Satay and the Aubergine Tempura. The aubergine was light with a delicious tempura batter and a hint of chilli sauce. The satay was perfect. Moist white chicken meat and the perfect peanut sauce. We had to ask Bonny what the small piece of white bread was for – apparently this is traditional in Thailand for mopping up the sauce. It had already gone by the time we found this out!


For main course, it always has to be at least one Thai curry and a stir fry of some description. We opted for Green Chicken curry, and Vegetables stir fried with Thai Holy Basil and Chilli. For me this was the perfect green curry, simply because of the quality and variety of the ingredients. Thai pea aubergines make a green curry and this had plenty. I absolutely love them. If only we could find these for home cooking somewhere on the Fylde.

The vegetables were delicious and fiery hot. Plenty of chilli and delicious holy basil. They were accompanied by flat noodles with beansprouts. Again these were excellent with a sesame undertone.

The quality of everything we ate was first class. Real Thai ingredients skilfully blended by a kitchen that has never failed to deliver the goods. The service was traditionally Thai and we had a good chat with Bonny, but her attempts to teach us some Thai did not go that well!

If you are in Manchester and love Thai food as much as we do then I can highly recommend Try Thai. I haven’t eaten better in the North West.

Highly recommended.


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