The Olive Tree Brasserie, St Anne’s January 2018

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Given how many times we’ve eaten out in St Anne’s in the past, its a little surprising there are hardly any reviews on the blog. St Anne’s is home to several very good eating places, including our favourite Chinese in the area, Zens.

However, Zens always has a break at this time of year for Chinese new year and so an offer that cropped up online for 50% off food at the Olive Tree was a good opportunity to add another St Anne’s string to this blogs bow. I’m not sure if I stretched that metaphor far enough. Anyway….

As a self confessed grecophile, I do really love Greek food. I miss it terribly when I am not in Greece, and fondly recall all of the rustic delicious salads, meats and vegetables washed down with “interesting” local wine!

Having not eaten Greek on the Fylde yet I saw this as an opportunity to correct that. We ate on a quiet Sunday evening with the restaurant less than a third full. I can see from the website that the Olive Tree is part of a small chain. I don’t really get the concept if I am honest. If we are eating greek food, then how does that link to Sister Sledge and other 70s / 80s soul and disco tunes as a musical accompaniment? The decor in the restaurant was nice, but again didn’t feel in tune with the menu. I suppose it did look like a brasserie.

The highlight was the service. The waitress was truly lovely and great at her job.

Onto dinner, and to kick off we ordered the mixed dips with pitta and the halloumi and sausage. As Mrs FS is a non fish eater, we passed on the Taramasalata and asked for double hummus. The dips and bread were great. The dips really tasted home made and the pitta was light, warm and fresh. I could eat this as a lunch any day of the week.

Whilst I enjoyed the halloumi and sausage, there wasn’t really enough cheese. The picture is exactly 50% of the portion (apologies I dived in again forgetting I am now an food blogger – allegedly.) This dish would be £6.95 without the offer and one slice of halloumi felt on the small side for me.

That’s where portion issues ended, and maybe the restaurant is saving you for the main course. Good job as they were both massive. I went for the Arni Kleftico and my wife for the Chicken Souvlaki served with sweet potato fries. We also went with a side order of courgette fries.

I think it is fair to say we both enjoyed what we ate. The lamb melted in the mouth and the potatoes were tasty. I just felt the dish was missing something – maybe because it only has 2 main components, it felt a bit repetitive on the pallet. At £21.95 full price this was the most expensive dish on the menu behind fillet steak. I think I was expecting a pot with the lamb cooked with feta, vegetables etc like the tavernas in Greece. I would struggle to pay full price for the dish if I am honest.

My wife enjoyed the chicken but could only manage about half of the huge kebab. A doggy bag was required for the left overs and that will help with my low carb mid week efforts for lunch. The courgette fries were OK but the batter over powered the vegetable somewhat.

Maybe I’ve spent too much time in Greece to appreciate “modern” Greek food, I don’t know. We ate nothing bad but there was just something missing for us. The restaurant gets lots of praise on TripAdvisor and I can see why with the great staff and competent kitchen. Sometimes you don’t gel with a place and I would come back on another discount night, but probably not at full price.


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