The Lytham Kitchen, Lytham January 2018

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Having eaten in this smart cafe in Lytham many times, I thought it time to add a review in praise of this great little institution.

Breakfasts, lunches and perhaps the best chips in Lytham outside of Seniors (not a fair comparison clearly!) means you cannot really go wrong. If you can find a table!

An early morning motorway dash in the rain on Saturday (will, it, ever, stop, raining???!!!) was enough to inspire a visit for Junior and I. So after a wander around the excellent Plackett & Booth bookstore in Lytham we trundled off in the wet miserable January weather to the Lytham Kitchen.

Regular readers (ha, maybe one day eh?!) will know that low carb January is still much around, but I decided a morning off wouldn’t hurt. Which means an extra workout this week before weigh in day on Thursday.

Large breakfast for me then, with extra Black Pudding, and what a breakfast this is…..


Two of everything that’s needed in a full English, with a choice of plum or grilled tomatoes and style of toast (go for the thick granary, thank me later). I honestly could not finish it, and left as much of the carby stuff as I could after eating my protein. Truly a saint.

Junior went for the chicken bacon and cheese panini and decided to torture me by ordering small chips. Teenagers these days eh?


The chips are more like little roasties. Beautiful and crisp with the fluffy goodness inside. I am writing from memory as I honestly did not eat any on this occasion. The panini disappeared and was declared “lush.” I’m assuming that is positive as I am so not down with the kids.

Washed this lot down with a great brew for me and what junior FS described as the best milkshake he’s ever had and the bill was less than £20.


If only the Lytham kitchen opened at night! The food is so consistent, fresh and delicious and all the staff are lovely.

Highly recommended


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