Bundobust, Manchester January 2018

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Did someone say Indian street food and craft beer in the same sentence? They did and it is indeed great. Through an innocuous doorway at the station end of Piccadilly Gardens and down a set of stairs lies a great beer list and tasty vegetarian Indian delights.

So you don’t miss it – here is said doorway and stairs.


Too much spicy! The strapline that launched the first Bundobust in Leeds and propelled them to success led to the second opening in the M62 corridor. Don’t stop at 2 – keep going!!

So, beer. Well, its usually what Cobra? Or maybe a Kingfisher, well here, you get to choose from a selection such as this.


That’s a list that would happily sustain any craft pub for a long time. I can’t look past a German beer so Schneider Weisse for me. And what a great pint it was. I resisted working my way down the menu given we were out later for dinner and Mrs FS proclaimed her dry white very nice.

The beer list of the day can be found on the Bundobust website.


So the concept of Bundobust is, I guess, kind of like Nando’s but for Indian vegetarian street food, with great beer. So, nothing like Nando’s other than you queue up at the bar to order the food, drinks and are given a table number. Tables are a mix of booths and long benches.

So onto the food. Just a light lunch with dinner to follow on the curry mile that evening. We ordered the Okra Fries, Bhel Puri, Paneer Kadai and a mushroom dish that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of. I told you this site was amateur ;o).


As you can see the food is served in tubs that are recycled and recyclable, indeed they are big on sustainability which is cool. I can honestly say all four dishes were excellent. The paneer curry was served with a light bhatura bread for mopping up and it was very tasty with all the spices singing. The bhel puri was crunchy and satisfying, whilst the cauli dish was in an indo chinese style sauce which gave it a fresh zing.

That leaves the Okra Fries. Soooooo good! I would be happy with a pot of these and a beer appetite, but that isn’t going to happen because I literally want to taste every dish on this menu.

A great buzzy place for lunch, with fresh tasty grub and a beer list from heaven. Bundobust we love you!

The second leg of our Manchester Indian food pilgrimage was over, onto Rusholme for the final……

Highly recommended.


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