Imli, St Anne’s February 2018

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Despite recent dining jaunts to big cities, lest we forget the great dining out scene in Lytham St. Anne’s. So it was a midweek date night return to Imli in St Anne’s. This is a restaurant we’ve eaten at several times before and barring a few service wobbles has been very consistent.

I’ve already reviewed their sister establishment Dilraj which knocks out good takeaways, so how would Imli fare on the eat in front?

No big crisps again tonight, the resolve to be a somewhat slimmer Foodsaint remains strong after recent weigh ins. For starter I went for the lamb chops, having not tasted these before at Imli. Mrs FS, (who hates being called that, so in honour of the late great AA Gill, the eponymous restaurant critic of the Times newspaper, I’m rebranding her “the blonde,” because she is), opted for the ever reliable onion bhaji.

The turmeric still on my fingers is probably the answer to the question, why did you take that tin foil off? I can attest that these are excellent lamb chops. Well cooked, plenty of flavourful onions but the spice max was fantastic. I got the full hit of Indian spices with what tasted like a heavy garam masala influence. The meat was juicy not chewy like some lamb can be. The bhajis also got the thumbs up. I got a small taste (this blog has become a great excuse for eating other people’s food) and the right balance of crunch with soft onion and spices meant these hit the spot.

We had a bit of a wait for main course, which was odd given it wasn’t busy. I can only assume the take away phone had been ringing hard.

For main we went carb free and opted for chicken tikka, shahi chicken, saag paneer and cauliflower.

The shahi is lamb mince with chicken tikka, a personal favourite and this was very good. I asked for saag to be added and for it to be madras hot. I could have taken a bit more spice but this was a well flavoured curry with a good portion of meat. The blonde enjoyed her chicken tikka but having recently experienced a seismic event with this dish at a Manchester restaurant, it was proclaimed good but not quite at the same level as this was tandoori not charcoal cooked.

Both veg dishes were also good. I seem to be mildly addicted to cauliflower at the moment and this dish didn’t disappoint. Paneer can be a bit bland when overpowered by other flavours and whilst the saag did that here it was still a very enjoyable side dish.

I have Imli at the top of the list on the Lytham St. Annes Indian restaurant front. It is very consistent with good flavours and a cut above anything I’ve eaten locally.





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