Mowgli, Liverpool February 2018

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What are you looking forward to most this year? That dream holiday? A new job? A new car maybe? Well in our (Indian) food obsessed household our DDay event is April 19th. Because on that day, the Mowgli Street Food recipe book by Nisha Katona is out. And having established itself at the cornerstone of any family visit to a nearby city with a Mowgli we literally cannot wait.

As the low carb diet continues (up to just under 2 stones gone!) we are finding Indian food the best eating out option, and consequently it is becoming even more moreish. Split infinities aside, dodging the poppadoms, the rice and the naan is actually not that hard and we’ve even allowed ourselves the odd crumb, grain or piece of all three.

So with the blonde’s youngest son gigging in Liverpool on this Sunday night, we had another perfect excuse to head to Mowgli on Water Street. I’ve eaten in both Liverpool restaurants but you can reserve a table in Water Street, and I’m far too impatient to wait with these aromas in the house. Food is served street style in wonderful tiffin dishes. Portions are perfect for squeezing that extra dish you just couldn’t discount from the menu onto your oder.

The starters choose themselves in our family. Chat bombs. Just order them, thank me later. Little spherical balls of joy bursting with flavour designed to be popped in the mouth whole so the initial bite gives that explosion of flavours. So good that any more than two of us dining and one portion just isn’t enough. My other favourite is the Tamarind Treacle Fries. Not remotely low carb, but go on, it’s the weekend. These are delicious home style roasted potatoes in the most delicious sticky tamarind sauce with a hint of chilli and coriander. One of those dishes which can cause family rows that start with “you’ve had loads!”

Onto mains, and as usual I am now into a rhythm in respect of mains choices and the House Keema is my firm favourite. The spicing in this dish is amazing and if this recipe isn’t in the book then woe ist truly me. Tender lamb mince with a sprinkling of chickpeas and deep deep flavours. I can only begin to guess but there’s a good garam masala in there and some cinnamon? Hurry up April.

Dishes new to us of agra ginger chicken and calcutta tangled greens were ordered alongside an old favourite of the tea stained chickpeas. For the carb eaters, some rice and puri.


Every dish was immense. The ginger sang in chicken dish with the blonde firmly stating she could eat it every day. High praise indeed. The tangled greens were a mustardy delight. A bit of bite and great flavours on the palate means this will be ordered again. The chickpeas are again ever reliable and anything with a hint of saag is always a favourite of mine. The carbs did their job but special mention to the puri. This is the nicest bread I’ve had in any Indian restaurant anywhere. It’s a family must, diet or no diet.

I can’t recommend Mowgli highly enough. I think I am at the point where there are only a handful of dishes from the menu that I haven’t tried. I’m yet to find a single dish that I wouldn’t order again as long as I can get passed those faves. All three of us left full to the brim and with a decent wine and beer selection to go with this food, you really should pay them a visit and get your pre order in for the book now.

Highly recommended


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