Darjeeling Express, London February 2018

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A trip to the big smoke for yet another birthday (I’ve stopped counting) was yet another opportunity to feed the insatiable indian food beast that resides within me.

Darjeeling Express is a restaurant that has been on my to do list for a while. Having eaten at owner Asma Khan’s pop up restaurant in the Sun & 13 Cantons back in the day and loved her food and her warmth of welcome I was excited to try it.

Situated in the lively Kingly Court off Carnaby Street, the restaurant has a lovely feel with very friendly staff, with whom we enjoyed some good banter. But onto the food, and yes, I can confirm it was worth the wait. Asma cooks from the heart and from the region of her upbringing in India and the flavours in everything we ate tasted home made.

To start I had to try the Tangra Chilli Garlic Prawns whilst the blonde went for the Puchkas.

The prawns were perfectly cooked, nice and juicy and full of spices and heat. I ate every one with a smile on my face. The puchkas took a few goes to get them right as we kept over using the sauce. Once this was sussed however we enjoyed the chickpea potato and tamarind hit as the shells exploded with flavour on the palate.

Onto main course and Kushk Hari Mirch Ghost consisted of spicy strips of beef with green chilli, Hyderabadi Tamarind Dhal, fully vegan and and Methi Chicken. We accompanied these with a Brown Basmati rice.


Both the chicken and dhal dishes were excellent. Again, you could easily be eating this in someones home. Deep flavours, well spiced and truly delicious. The beef dish I enjoyed, but that northener in me would have preferred something else with a sauce. However I would order this dish again just for the chilli hit and tender beef.

This was the best Indian meal I had eaten in Central London, and I would highly recommend a visit. The lovely Asma even gave me an early birthday present. I will shop with it always!


Come here for authentic Indian food, cooked with soul with a fantastic team. I Can’t wait to return.

17.5 / 20.

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