Bleecker Burger, London February 2018

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Having worked on Victoria Street in London for several years this was a brief return to old ground, and no, the big dig is still not finished. So I learned a few things about this visit. Firstly it is impossible to buy a warm hat in Victoria, despite numerous clothing outlets in the area at the end of February. Even in North Face – really!? Secondly, that I’d forgotten that paying £18 for a cinema seat used to be my reality. However, the Curzon Victoria is a nice cinema.

Before the movie, my cold ears headed on a burger pilgrimage to the tiny Bleecker Burger near Victoria station. Had we arrived 5 minutes later, there would have been no seats. Get there early if you want to eat in, especially if you are hatless, and its February.

Having asked around on social media for some burger recommendations, the Victoria branch of Bleecker fitted nicely into the itinerary. If I ramble on any further, the review will end up taking longer to read than lunch did to eat. So how was it? Well firstly a big plus is that they have Brooklyn beer on draft. Even though you have to drink it out of a wobbly pint glass it went down well as most Brooklyn beers do. In fact if you are ever in NYC I can heartily recommend the brewery tour. Good fun and great beers they don’t export to the UK. Selfish. Here’s the Charger IPA;


Served on a classic sesame seed, I went for the double with cheese and bacon. Smaller than I thought but big enough that I didn’t leave hungry. The thing that made this burger was the meat. I know that’s kinda the point but so much is made these days of toppings, bun, sauce etc etc that if when your gnashers hit that patty and it ain’t great, then no matter what it is in / under / over,  it isn’t going to satisfy.


Not so at Bleecker. Using rare breed pasture fed beef. They dry age the meat leading to an intense meat flavour (I’m shamelessly quoting their website). That’s why this doesn’t need to be a massive stack of a burger. It doesn’t need unlimited toppings. The star of the show is the beef. Oh and the chips. Sorry, sorry fries. Anyone that puts buffalo sauce on fries is a winner in my view.


Come here for meaty goodness, a great pint and some tasty fries.


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