Hard Rock Café, London February 2018

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The Hard Rock Café (HRC) really is my guilty pleasure. The London branch is the original Hard Rock and has an amazing collection of memorabilia from the world of music. But my guilty pleasure is not necessarily the surroundings, it’s the staff, who are always good fun, and it’s the wings and ribs.

I have yet to find anywhere that can equal the HRC heavy metal hot wings, or indeed the BBQ ribs. Some have come close, but none have been better, even on trips to the states. Only one restaurant stands triumphant on the rib front and that is Mabel’s in Brooklyn. That’s a bit too far for some BBQ on a regular basis however!

We were in London for my birthday weekend, and as this was the nearest restaurant to our hotel and much champagne had already been consumed, the HRC was the obvious choice for supper. After downing a few complimentary birthday shots at the bar (Obrigado! To the Portuguese couple working the upstairs bar on that night), we were shown to a booth.

Now, I’ve already told you what we were going to eat. There is no perusing the menu on a visit to the HRC for me. Apologies for the pictures, as I was quite tipsy by now, but everything was as good as it always is.

Fiery wings to start, tamed by a delicious blue cheese dip with chunky bits of blue cheese lurking at the bottom. Yum.

For main, and somewhat ambitiously, a full rack of BBQ ribs. Great fried and meat that just falls off the bone, whilst you wear the sauce. Or maybe that’s just me? It feels like there should be some kind of sauce security cordon set up when I’m in the rib zone.

Another great visit to the Hard Rock. There is always a wait, but that is what the bar is for and I’ve equally great visits to the Manchester branch where the food is consistent and they are happy to remind you that all the sauces are made in house.

We will, be back.


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