The Inn at Whitewell, Bowland February 2018

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Only us could choose not to go abroad for a week off and choose the UK just as the Beast from the East hit. We arrived at this lovely old coaching inn in the Forest of Bowland (like the lakes but with no tourists, or lakes), with a light dusting of snow on the car.

I actually recall posting a picture of how light the snow was on Instagram, mocking the much vaunted storm. 3 days later two nice chaps from United Utilities would be towing us out of Bowland after we got stuck in drifting snow on unploughed roads. Next year we are going abroad.

Anyway, back on topic and this was our second visit to the Inn at Whitewell for an overnight stay. Think four poster beds, lovely bathrooms and real fires in your room and its perfect for a cosy romantic getaway. Couple that with some award winning food and you really should treat yourself to a visit.

There are two options for dinner at the Inn, either the restaurant which takes reservations or the bar which is first come first served. We chose the more relaxed bar setting where several excellent well-kept cask ales are available. You’ll be glad you aren’t driving home, the beer is so good.

To start the blonde opted for the chicken liver pate, served with a decent portion of toasted granary. She declared this excellent with the butteryness (new word) of the pate shining through. I went for the homemade black pudding, served with mushrooms, new potatoes and topped with an egg and mustard dressing. I am so grateful that my late mother made me eat black pudding when I was a child and didn’t tell me what it was. I can’t get anyone else in my family to partake so if we are eating out and its on a menu, I’m in. The black pudding was unctuous and the potatoes melted in the mouth. With the egg yolk duly popped, the mustard dressing created a delicious plate of food. I’m coming back for this.

Main course I opted for the confit shoulder of lamb. With more potatoes (this was a week off the low carb diet!) roast garlic puree, white beans and a mint jus. The meat just came apart and melted in the mouth. The potatoes were delicious and mint and lamb are a match made in heaven. I devoured the lot.

The blonde had Pork Belly, served with lentils. The picture says it all. Beautifully crisp pork belly, bursting with juicy flavours. As a vegetable side, we went for a portion of hand cut old fashioned chips. They were just that. Fluffy insides with a reassuring crisp. Delicious.

This was excellent cooking, washed down with great beer and a drop of house white wine. The pure luxury of food this good and then having to descend the stairs to the embers of the still warm fire and tuck up for the night should not be understated. The Inn at Whitewell is our special treat place and we love it.




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