The Parkers Arms, Newton in Bowland February 2018

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We were due to stay in Newton for two nights to do some walking and relaxing and eating of most meals at the Parkers Arms. We had first visited the pub following a recommendation in early 2017 and was suitably impressed by a delicious lunch in a smart pub with friendly staff. Since that visit the team have been rocketed to super stardom after being voted number 8 in the UK’s Top 50 Gastropubs, an accolade well deserved.

So without boring you with the details again (see the review of the Inn at Whitewell) our stay was curtailed by heavy snow so we only got one lunch and one dinner in at the Parkers, and as we were the only people who hasn’t cancelled, it was fair enough that we had to eat what was in! For lunch our genial host AJ suggested a cheesy baked egg thing (OK OK I have no official menu description to work with!) which was delicious and comforting by the roaring fire as more snow drifted in. This was accompanied by several delicious pints of Bowland beer and a dish I am still thinking about – crispy potato skins. Crispy and delicious with a sprinkling of sea salt. AJ, you chose well!!


Back for dinner (we were only staying about 50 feet away) and we basically had the pub to ourselves save for a few locals that popped in for a drink. Again we liaised with AJ on what was good for dinner and we were off!

So this is where being an amateur blogger with a real day job punishes you for not writing your reviews up quickly. A combination of the weather and the fact that the Parkers refreshes its menu seasonally, as you would expect means I only have the pictures and my memories (most of which again are adversely affected due to the Bowland brewery beer being so good and so well kept).

To start then we went with onion fritters and a rarebit dish. Both were stunning, but the onion dish lives in my memory strongest. It was simply amazing.


For mains, hot pot and red cabbage with veg and a famous parkers pie, with chips that belong at number 1 in the “Top 50 gastropub chip chart”! Again both dishes were exactly what was needed on a freezing night, and I apologise to AJ for not getting the names of these creations spot on.


I don’t think you need to worry reader. You just need to go. Beautiful countryside, amazing food, great beer and a lovely team.

Big thanks to AJ and team for looking after us in the face of adversity! We will be back for that dinner we owe ourselves!

Highly recommended


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