Capri, Lytham March 2018

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I’m so behind on writing up restaurant visits that since we ate at Capri on Lytham’s lovely square, they’ve had a refurb and a menu change. Ah well, I can only review what we ate and now have another excuse to return.

I do love Capri. It is one of my favourite places to sit outside in the summer and watch the world go by. Getting a table is the problem, but a good problem for the proprietors to have I don’t doubt. It is however (or was before the as yet unseen refurb) one of those places that I can’t quite get a sense of its true identity. I feel it is a kind of cocktail bar cum upscale café, which is why we have never entertained eating there on an evening. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time on Italian islands to get it – maybe that’s why the refurb was done. Who knows? Anyway, as I said it remains a favourite haunt of mine to visit despite my confusion / ignorance.

Having visited for breakfast once before and being faced with a Man vs Food size stack of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (Man won, obvs) I was keen to go back and perhaps have something a bit lighter. I know they do a good cup of coffee as well, something unfortunately the full English breakfast club places in Lytham aren’t the best at.

An order of the avocado toast and the eggs benedict with extra bacon, whilst for me the chorizo breakfast dish. First the food – universally good words from our small band of three. The blonde declared it her favourite Lytham breakfast.

The chorizo dish was excellent. Plenty of flavour from the excellent quality ingredients and once those egg yolks were popped it was a true breakfast treat. The coffees again were excellent. Step son was full of praise for his eggs benedict and the evidential empty plate underlined the good food.


The service we had was fine, but a bit slow. We weren’t in a rush so it didn’t bother us, but we did see two chaps take a brave seat outside (it was a brightish March morning I suppose) and then have to relocate inside after ten minutes with no one spotting them. They left about five minutes later, so I presume they hadn’t been spotted again. Getting staffing levels right at non peak times cannot be easy.

Regardless, I have now had two great breakfasts in Capri, and more pints of that Italian beer, the name of which I forget, than I care to recall on their terrace. I look forward to seeing the refurb and the new menu. Might even pop in for my dinner.



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