Curry Leaf Cafe, Kemptown Brighton March 2018

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So in the week where you shouldn’t really have travelled anywhere, we found ourselves in Brighton. That was an interesting journey but we made it and I’m glad we did. A visit to my mother in law was well overdue for us and so was a really good curry.

We needn’t have worried because the Kemptown version of the Curry Leaf Café was off the charts brilliant. It was so good we got a take away from them the next night- and that was equally as good even after a trip on a Deliveroo moped.

The continued genius pairing of great Indian food with great craft beer is a welcome one. The Goose 312 wheat ale I had here was delicious, and just writing the review has reminded me to seek some out the next time I’m stood in front of the excellent craft beer selection at my local Booths.

The poppadoms came with delicious homemade chutneys that could not be faulted. Everything I love about Indian cuisine was summed up in those three silver ramekins of loveliness. Spice, flavour and freshness indicated a chef that had some great food on the way.

Spinach & Onion Pakoras and Punjabi Vegetable Samosas followed. These were the best I’ve had in a long time. The pakora with the perfect blend of spice and married with deep flavoured onions and spinach. Divine. The samosas were a cut above your average fayre. The coconut chutney, a favourite from our time in Dubai, was delicious and met the spiced potato and pea filling perfectly.

The lamb chop served with chicken kebab was mine all mine. Again the marinade here demonstrating the clear skill form the kitchen. It didn’t stop there.

Both curries were fantastic, but the aubergine based curry was stupendous (Kathirkaya Salan) with other vegetables in a thick tamarind based sauce. None of this survived. The take away the next night would underline one thing – there are no dishes on this menu with which you will go wrong. Delicious bread and rice included.

Amazing food and I cannot wait to go back.


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