Tandoor Chop House, London March 2018

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Another weekend in that London and another chance to visit some of the places on my to do list. The first was this Covent Garden eatery the Tandoor Chop House. Have I mentioned yet that I love Indian food?

The restaurant has built a sound reputation on its bread and the quality of its cooked meat. I wish I could have this meal again, not after my favourite sports team had beaten their local rivals. My clarity of thought and taste appreciation may have been better.

To start we opted for the Chickpea Chat and the Bhaji Onion rings with raita. Both of these were excellent. The bhajis were deliciously crisp whilst the flavours in the chat were well balanced but satisfyingly deep.


Main course, I had to go for the Amritsari Lamb Chops, whilst the blonde opted for the house tandoor chicken. Both mains delivered in terms of the quality of the meat. The chops were particularly juicy and tender. They would, however, contribute to the now famous “chop slap” incident. When eating a lamb chop with your hands and the bone breaks it isn’t pretty. I thought the blonde was going to expire as I hastily tried to wipe the marinade and sauce off my cheeks and lower hair line. You can take the lad out of Lancashire…..

I must have been tipsy as I was talked into ordering gunpowder fries (chips in an Indian restaurant – really!?), they were actually quite nice (insert embarrassed emoji) whilst the bread lived up to its billing as one of the headline acts.

This was good Indian food, but it came at typical London prices. It is in London so I can’t really score it down for that. I would return for the chops in a heartbeat. Maybe just use a knife and fork next time?



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