Welcome to The Food Saint!

A passion for good food, great beer, wine and writing has inspired the creation of this site.

My wife & I live in beautiful Lytham St Annes on the Fylde Coast and we love eating out in the many excellent local restaurants, or sharing a drink in the numerous bars and pubs. I am not a food critic, or a chef, just a regular customer that loves to eat out and enjoy local hostelries.

Why the Food Saint, i hear you cry! Nothing more mysterious than both my place of birth and my current home town sharing a “Saint” in their name.

So how will this work? Well it’s really quite simple, When we eat out I will blog about the experience. Whilst I don’t want to be another Tripadvisor, I will write openly and honestly about the food, service and ambience experienced. This will not however be a place for moaning about a bad meal or poor service. We always address these with the restaurant at the time, and if these issues are sorted, I won’t mention them.

A lot of our local restaurants are family owned and my reviews should be helpful feedback for restauranteurs, and a helpful guide for locals and visitors to these parts. I will also write reviews from our travels away from the Fylde just in case you find yourself in these places and like a bit more detail than other review sites.

Most of all this is supposed to be fun, because we certainly love eating out and having a drink!

At the start, I will just be using my iPhone for pictures and I am no professional photographer!

I hope you enjoy The Food Saint!

The restaurant ratings explained.

All ratings are out of 20. For some reviews I will just give a blended score, other separate elements will be scored to reflect any particularly positive experience in service, decor etc. If there was a scale to any of this it would probably go like this….

0-7 A really disappointing experience and probably wouldn’t return.

7-10 A meal with a few issues that were sorted by the staff. Would return for another visit.

10-12 A meal with no issues on service, with the food OK but probably not value for money

13-17 A really good experience. No service or food issues. Restaurant highly recommended.

18-20 I’m reserving this final bracket for truly exceptional dining experiences that are out of the ordinary. Any restaurant in this bracket is worth a visit, probably for special occasions and celebrations.