Lulu has been with us a week now and she’s really settled into life in the Foster Room.  By Wednesday she had come right out of her shell.  She was enjoying her food, sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by and rushing for fuss every time I went in to see her.  I had to resist the urge to post a blog celebrating her first use of the litter tray, but that was a great moment.

Meanwhile, McLaren had his latest check-up at the vets.  Everything was fine, and he won all the receptionists, vets and nurses over with his handsome charm and insistence on being fussed by everyone.  His only problem was his weight – he has put on half a kilogram since his last visit so he’s on a strict diet of not being allowed to eat Laser’s food and 10 minutes of laser pen chasing a day!

Neither McLaren or Laser seem too fussed by the new lodger.  McLaren doesn’t like it when I go into the Foster room and close the door behind me, but he’s getting better at dealing with it and Lulu doesn’t seem to mind the howling and banging that comes from outside while I’m with her.

On Saturday, Lulu had her first check-up.  The CP Vet is a half-hour drive from my house but she was an absolute Angel in the car.  Getting her into the carry case was a little more stressful than I’d anticipated but we got there.

While at the vets, Lulu had a blood test, her first vaccination, a microchip inserted and a full health check.  The Vet also gave me some Broadline which I administered when I got home, so she had quite the time of it on Saturday morning.  Luckily everything checked out fine and I found out that somebody had a home check visit over the weekend with an eye towards adopting either Lulu or another kitty named Lucy.

Returning home, I had some paperwork to fill out.  Apparently, I hadn’t quite clicked the door to properly as I entered the room.  While I was sat on the sofa making sure everything was filled out correctly, little McLaren stuck his head around the door.

He looked very surprised to find Lulu there.  She didn’t seem to mind at all though, and she walked right up to the door and closed it on him. Later on both Laser and McLaren came into the room fully.  Again, Lulu was completely un-phased, though my two both sniffed her, hissed and ran back out of the room.  I heard them hissing at each other for a few minutes afterwards, but by the time I left the Foster Room they were both OK again.

Sunday was spent hard at work.  Laser and McLaren both insisted on helping, although I’m not sure it was particularly valuable help.  I had received a puzzle for my 30th Birthday and finally cleared the table to be able to start working on it.  It’s quite a difficult puzzle as it is a Game of Thrones map so there is a lot of ‘sea’ and a lot of ‘land’ and very little to define where things go.

Luckily Laser was on hand to help.  I’m now about 1/3 of the way through, despite spending about 5 hours on it yesterday.

Hopefully at some point today I should hear from Lulu’s potential adopter, with an aim to organise a time to come around and see her.  I really hope she doesn’t hide away, as she is such a sweet and loving cat.  I’ll leave you with a video of Lulu enjoying my dressing gown last night – you can see from this how much she loves to be fussed and spend time with humans.

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