Lasey Sunday #12 – Carry Loves Cats

We had treats again this week, so I’m feeling much happier about writing my blog today.  I did get a little bit excited about treats coming back though – Carry says I punctured an artery in her finger when I thought she was a Webbox treat. Woopsie.  She leaked red for a little while and then her finger went blue.  I think it’s OK now though.  She has been busy and not wincing today.

This week, I helped Mummy read a new book, and gave her pointers for the review she posted.  McLaren and I enjoyed hearing about Alvin and Barry’s antics.  Carry keeps asking me if I’d like to go to a cat show.  I’m not sure what one is, but I guess if she took me I would try to enjoy it.

Carry tells me that it is Bonfire Night tomorrow in the UK, so I’m preparing my favourite hiding spot, just in case it gets too much for me.

Here are a few of my tips for surviving the night if you are a cat.

  1.  Stay indoors.  Don’t go outside, because the bangs are louder and sometimes nasty people think it’s fun to throw the bang makers at kitties or even tie them to our tails.
  2. Find a good hiding spot.  My favourite is either under the duvet or inside the cupboard.  If you can’t hide, sit with your hoomin.  They will protect you and make you feel safe if they’re nice.
  3. Put the TV or the radio on.  The sound will drown out the bangs and make things seem normal.
  4. Don’t go near the windowsill and make sure you have shut the curtains.  If you’re like me your favourite place is looking out the window.  But the big bangs have flashy lights too, and they can be frightening.  Try to stay away from them.
  5. Ask you hoomin to play.  A distraction is always good from fright.
  6. Snuggle with you hoomin.  Hoomin’s understand what the bangs are.  Most of them aren’t afraid but sometimes you gots to snuggle them to make them realise they’re safe with you.  And it makes you feel safer too.

I feels safer already.  I’m not really that bothered by fireworks and McLaren always snoozes right through them, but Carry says it’s best to be prepared just in case.  Carry doesn’t like fireworks so we protect her and make her feel safe.

Now, before we go and get safe and cosy, we just have time for  The Cat On My Head‘s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, featuring McLaren on the cat tree.  He’s like a majestic lion, don’t you think?

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