Mid Week McLaren #11 – Carry Loves Cats

Is McLaren here.  Today is a spooky day.  Mummy gots all dressed up a scary and made me and Laser afraid.  Here’s my face when I first saw her like it.

So ‘cos she’s all scared up.  I thoughts I’d tell yous a scary story that happened to Laser and I a few months ago.  Yous might have to stop reading here ifs yous have a not so goods with frights.

It was all dark ins the house and very, very into the hoomin sleepy time.  Mummy was in bed and Laser and I, we’re was asleep on the landing.  I was a sleeping likes dis, but it was darker and on the landing – Mummy says is hard to get a photo ins the dark, so this will have to do.

Wells, it was all silent and there was no sounds or muffin’.

THEN.  All of a sudden, a big monster appeared in the dark on the landing before us.  I was sleeping hard (see above photos for reference) but Laser was awokered by the noise and she jumpered a million miles in the air and charged down the stairs which worked me up.

I jumpered through the banister and followed Laser because she is smarts and hides from the scary things better than I do.

We hide in the lounge on the sofa and huggled up together to tries to stop being a right but we could hear the monster cackling upstairs and moving about.

We decided we are should be braver because Mummy was upstairs still and she didn’t know there was a monster.  We creepered back up the stairs and peeping round the bathroom door where the light was and the monster.

But guess what!  We didn’t find a monster.  We found Mummy and she was laughing at us a lot.  She said, “Haha silly billy’s it was just Mummy!”

She had got up for a pee and forgot to turn on the lights, which normally wakes us up that shes coming.

Did I scare you?  I hope not too much.  Mummy says it’s Hallowe’en and scaring people is OK today though, so I hope you have a good and scary day.

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