McLaren here again.  I’ve been busy tracklisting this week.

Mummy informed me that I should be able to jump about five or six times my length.  I measured against Laser and that means she can jump further than me, which definitely isn’t fair, so I decided to learn to jump furtherer than she can.

I’ve even been prackelsting dives in my sleep.  I think I would be good at diving ifs I didn’t mind the water.

Also, I have a fear of falling.  The laser can jump from the bed in Mummy’s room to the Windysill.  I’m too scared of doing that and missing, so’s I always climb off the bed and jumps up to the windy after.  Laser says that is a lot of effort and I should man up.

I asked Mr Cosy Bear for some advice on being the manly boy and he says that I should just be myself.  He says that I don’t need to be brave because Mummy loves me and that when I cames along Mummy stop using him as a warmer because of I dos the warming now.

I felt a little bad for Mr Cosy Bear, but he has Laser now as his girlfriend (Ewwww.  icky cooties!) and so I decided to stop learning to spring afar and keep Mummy’s legs warm because those makers her happy and when Mummy is happy I’m a purry boy.  That’s my true calling.

Mummy has also been playing lots of pockermons lately.  She named her Eevee furriend after Laser and named the mister who is her friend in the game after me.  Sometimes I have to remind her to plays with the reals me and Laser though because she gets very caught up in it.

Do you play games with your kitties?  Because it’s fun to share the funs.

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